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CODE 4 ACUPUNCTURE has its roots in Law Enforcement and public safety, although  patients would never know it from the gentle treatments and open demeanor of the this Acupuncturist.

Upon discovering that acupuncture and herbs "really worked" for her, Deborah Turner followed a new path, retired from 25 years of expertise in the field of law enforcement, and slowly transitioned into the healing art and science field of Alternative Medicine. "Officer Debbie" traded in her gun and badge for needles and herbs.... from the outward moving, active "Yang" to the inward, quiet "yin."  

Those in Asian medicine call it Yang transforming into Yin.  But, eventually, it became blended. Yang and Yin, outward and inward, active and quiet, balanced together. Strength balanced with tranquility.

Deborah attended the four year Master's Program at Emperor's College and Clinic, graduating magna cum laude, later earning the title of "Distinguished Alumni."  She became licensed in 2003, and continues to maintain ongoing licensure with the State of California and Nationally with NCCAOM.

Always an innovator, "Officer Debbie" approached Police Chief Ken Weldon with the idea of bringing Alternative Medicine to Law Enforcement. Recognizing the highs and lows of law enforcement from first hand experience, Debbie knew that acupuncture would be of benefit to many.  Chief Weldon, also a visionary, wanted to make this a reality. With his full support, and that of the City Council, "CODE 4 ACUPUNCTURE" was born.

For two years, Deborah specialized in the treatment of public safety professionals and their families, which resulted in many success stories.

Then, in 2006, she expanded her practice to include residents and visitors to local mountain communities in Kern County, along the corridor of the I5, known as the Grapevine.  Her treatments are gentle, yet effective, and performed with empathy, sensitivity, non-judgment, and confidentiality.

Deborah has become widely known and respected for her knowledge and skill as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist.  She has lived in the mountains for over 30 years, and is extremely pleased to be working with, and providing Alternative Medicine to those within her community.