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What is included in a treatment?    
A review of your medical history, your current health, a diagnosis, the insertion of needles into acupoints, and other modalities as may be appropriate. The needles are pre-sterilized, pre-packaged, thin as a hair on your head. They are used only once, then disposed of in a Sharp's container.insertion.

Does it hurt?    
You may experience a slight "pinch" when the needle is inserted, but it is very subtle, then  settles into a sensation of fullness around the point. After a few moments, you will probably forget where the needles were inserted. Patients are relieved when they find that treatments are actually very relaxing.

How long is an appointment?
Your first appointment will take a little over an hour. This includes going over your medical history, your chief reasons for seeking acupuncture, a diagnosis, and your actual treatment.  After that, your treatments will be 45 minutes to one hour. The needles are actually in place about 20-40 minutes.

When will I see results?    
Results vary from patient to patient. Some experience results almost immediately. Others take a few treatments. A lot depends on your individual medical history. You should feel some changes within the first 3-5 treatments.

How long will I need treatments?    
That depends on what we are treating, and how long you have experienced the associated signs and symptoms. Chronic pain, for example, takes longer to treat than acute pain.

What is the history of acupuncture?    
Acupuncture dates back several thousand years. Western medicine is actually in its infancy compared with the years of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).